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TypeHemiepiphyte, Epiphyte, Terrestrial
OriginTropical Americas
ToxicToxic for humans, dogs and cats

Philodendron is a genus of flowering plants, with 489 accepted species that fall within this family. Philodendron represent the second largest members of the Araceae family – with many varieties grown as ornamental or indoor houseplants.

Philodendrons offer a diverse range of growth methods – as varieties can be epiphytic, hemiepiphytic, and even terrestrial.

The foliage of Philodendrons will vary by species, but one quality that is shared among many Philodendron is that they do not have 1 common type of leaf on the same plant. They can have juvenile and adult leaves that vary greatly in both size and shape.

Philodendrons have subterranean and aerial roots that originate from the plants nodes.

Generally speaking, philodendrons tends to be hardy plants capable of growing in a range of lighting conditions. However, specific insight on the best conditions for your Philodendron houseplant will depend on its species.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scientific name for Philodendron?

Philodendron is the scientific or Latin name for this group of plants.

How many Philodendron species are there?

There are currently 489 accepted Philodendron species in the world.

What does the name Philodendron mean?

“Philodendron” is derived from Greek – with “philo” meaning “love” and “dendron” meaning tree.

What is the rarest Philodendron?

Currently, one of the most rarest Philodendron is the currently endangered, Philodendron Spiritus Sancti.

Is Philodendron a good indoor plant?

Yes – generally speaking, philodendron species do many good indoor plants due to their ability to adapt to a large range of lighting and watering conditions.


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