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OriginTropical regions of the Americas
ToxicMildly toxic for humans, toxic for both dogs and cats


Monstera is a genus representing 50 or so plant species in the Araceae family. As evergreen vines native to the tropical regions of the Americas, they are capable of growing to 20 meters in height using their aerial roots to hook onto nearby branches and support the plant.

It is because the plant uses its roots in both the soil and to hook onto nearby trees, that Monsteras are categorized as hemiepiphytes.

Many species within this genus are known for their foliage – sporting holes known as fenestrations in the leaves. The more mature the plant, the greater the size of the leaf and its fenestrations.

As houseplants, Monstera are generally quite hardy and easy to grow indoor as houseplants. Further care tips will depend on the species.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Monstera a genus or species?

Monstera is a genus (category) of species. A genus represents a larger number of plants, whereas species represent a smaller number of plants.

Is Monstera a Philodendron?

No – Philodendrons are a different genus. Oftentimes Monstera Deliciosa are incorrectly labeled as “split leaf philodendron” in big box stores which is likely the culprit for this confusion.

How many Monstera species are there?

There are 48 species of Monstera. However plants are often re-classified and new plants can also be found. Because of this, this number is subject to change.

You’ll find the most common species of Monstera at your local nursery or big box store. Some types of monstera are more “in demand” than others.

Is Monstera a creeper?

Monsteras are not creepers. In fact they are climbers in their natural habitat, as they use their aerial roots to hook onto large trees to support upward growth.

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