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OriginHimalayas, Northern India
LightBright light
Watering FrequencyAllow soil to dry completely between waterings


Hoya linearis – otherwise known as Hoya linearis “wax plant” is known for its succulent-like, narrow, pendant-shaped leaves, making them unique among other varieties in the Hoya genus. 

While they are difficult to find, they are rewarding to grow given the right growing conditions. Hoya linearis produces beautiful lemon-scented blooms that will appear as the plant trails downward. 

Origin and Indoor Environment

Hoya linearis is part of the Hoya genus – and as such, its care does not differ widely from the other varieties in this genus. Native to the Himalayas of Northern India, this plant is accustomed to higher altitudes – meaning it can stand a slightly cooler temperature range than other Hoya varieties.

Moreover, like other Hoya, the Hoya linearis grows epiphytically – latching on to the trunks and branches of trees to support its growth upwards.

Lighting Needs

The Hoya linearis appreciates bright indirect light. We recommend placing your Hoya in east or west-facing windows, or a few feet away from a south-facing window. Just be sure to keep your Hoya linearis out of direct sunlight as this can damage its leaves. 

In the event that you are unable to provide your Hoya linearis with sufficient lighting, we recommend purchasing a grow light to ensure your houseplant gets the light it needs to grow. 

Watering Frequency

Overwatering is the number one cause of houseplants failing to thrive. Overwater leads to root rot, which can be a death sentence for your Hoya linearis. 

The Hoya linearis prefers a light watering hand. Only watering once the soil has dried out completely is recommended. To check the moisture of the soil, you can use a moisture meter that will indicate how dry the soil is. Alternatively, you can dip your finger into the first 2 inches of soil – if it feels dry, you can water. 

Finally, make sure the pot you have placed your Hoya in has a drainage hole to allow excess water to drain through. Water stuck at the bottom of the pot will result in root rot.

Potting Mix and Repotting Tips

Hoya linearis will appreciate a well-draining, loamy potting mix. Like other types of Hoya, the Hoya linearis likes to be root bound. Only re-pot when you see roots peaking through the drainage hole.

If you’re worried about ensuring your Hoya Linearis receives the right nutrients, typically the potting mix your Hoya came in is equipped with the nutrients it will need for a few months. However, using a nitrogen-rich fertilizer in the growing season can encourage new growth. 

Hoya Linearis Blooms

Under the correct growing condition, you can expect your Hoya linearis to bloom. Hoya linearis produces beautiful, star-shaped white flowers that are sweet and have been said to smell like lemons. Hoya linearis will typically produce flowers in the late summer or early fall, lasting roughly 2 or so weeks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hoya Linearis rare?

Accessibility to Hoya linearis will depend on a few factors i.e. your geographical location. In general, they are more difficult to find – but can be very rewarding to grow. 

Are Hoya Linearis hard to grow?

Hoya linearis is easy to grow given the correct growing conditions. Ensuring your Hoya linearis lives in bright indirect light, a chunky well-draining potting mix with a drainage hole, and infrequent waterings will make for a happy Hoya.

Is Hoya Linearis toxic?

The Hoya linearis is not toxic to dogs, cats, and humans. In general, most varieties in the Hoya genus are non-toxic. A big win for pet owners!

Is Hoya Linearis the same as string of needles?

While they look similar, the answer is no – string of needles is the common name for Ceropegia linearis – which is part of the Ceropegia genus. String of needles is not classified as a Hoya. 

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