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OriginSoutheast Asia: Southern China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Java (Indonesia)
LightBright light
Watering FrequencyAllow soil to dry completely between waterings

Hoya kerrii splash is the variegated version of the Hoya kerrii. Also known as the Sweetheart Plant, Lucky Hear, and Hoya Hearts – the Hoya kerrii splash sports succulent-like green, heart-shaped leaves with small splashes of white. 

The Hoya kerrii becomes increasingly popular in February due to Valentines, where their heart-shaped leaves make them suitable as gifts as a token of love. Like the Hoya kerrii, the Hoya kerrii splash can be found in its single leaf form or in a fully-fledged plant. Unfortunately, the single-leaf version of the Hoya kerrii splash will not grow into a full-size plant unless you are lucky and your single leaf cutting has a node. 

The full-size version of the Hoya kerrii will feature multiple heart-shaped leaves with white splashes – resembling a bush of green hearts.

Origin and Indoor Environment

The Hoya kerrii splash is part of the Hoya genus, and will generally have the same care instructions as other varieties in this genus. Hoya kerrii splash originates from Southern China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Java in Indonesia. 

Hoya kerrii grows epiphytically in their natural environments – meaning that they latch on to branches and tree trunks to support their growth upwards. If you have the full-size version of the Hoya kerrii splash, you can choose to put it on a trellis to allow it to latch on to and promote upward growth like in its natural environment.

Lighting Requirements

Hoya kerrii splash will prefer bright light and will do well in east and west-facing windows, as well as a few feet away from south-facing windows. Having adequate lighting is crucial for ensuring that your Hoya kerrii’s splashes of white are more pronounced. Insufficient lighting can impact the variegation of your Hoya kerrii splash in that it might begin to revert back to its all-green form. 

Watering Frequency

Hoya kerrii splash will appreciate infrequent waterings. Allow the potting mix to dry out completely in between waterings. Frequent watering can lead to yellow Hoya leaves, and even root rot. To avoid root rot, check the moisture level of the potting mix before watering.

Potting Mix, Soil, and Fertilization Needs

To avoid root rot, use a well-draining, loamy potting mix when re-potting your Hoya. Hoyas generally prefer to be a bit root-bound, so don’t repot preemptively and without good reason. Once the roots are visible from the drainage hole, this would be a good indicator to repot your Hoya. 

If you recently acquired a Hoya, you likely won’t need to worry too much about fertilization requirements. Oftentimes, the potting mix the Hoya arrives in will have enough nutrients for the plant to thrive on for the next few months. You can promote growth by fertilizing monthly in the growing season between spring and later summer/early fall by following the instructions of a complete fertilizer. 

Hoya kerrii splash Flowers

The Hoya kerrii splash is a slow grower and can take up to 3 years of maturity before it is able to bloom. 

When they do bloom, it’ll likely be during the growing season and you can expect to see its peduncles producing small, sweet-scented, star-shaped flowers. 

To increase the likelihood of having your Hoya kerrii splash bloom, we recommend ensuring it has the correct growing conditions: bright indirect light, infrequent watering, and chunky, well-draining potting mix.

Propagating the Hoya kerrii splash

The propagation of the Hoya kerrii splash is super simple. Please note – you can only propagate from a fully-fledged Hoya kerrii and not the single-leaf version of this plant.

Take a cutting that has at least 2 nodes and remove the leaves from the bottom node. Place the cutting in water and be sure to add water to the container weekly to ensure it does not run out. Allow the roots to have at least grown an inch before transferring the plant to a potting mix.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get more splash on hoya?

Ensure that your Hoya kerrii splash receives the correct lighting conditions to promote splash. Placing your Hoya in east or west-facing windows can help to promote splash. Utilizing a grow light may also contribute to improving the appearance of splash on your Hoya.

What is a Hoya kerrii splash?

Hoya kerrii splash is the variegated form of Hoya kerrii. It is known for its white “splash” like markings on its leaves. Care instructions are largely the same – bright indirect light, well-draining, loamy potting mix, and infrequent watering are recommended.

Can you get hoya leaves wet?

Yes, you can get hoya leaves wet – as in they won’t act negatively because you’ve gotten its leaves wet. However, frequent watering of your Hoya is not recommended as it can lead to root rot and the eventual demise of your Hoya. 

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