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OriginSoutheast Asia: Southern China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Java (Indonesia)
LightBright light
Watering FrequencyAllow soil to dry completely between waterings

Looking for Hoya kerrii in Canada?


Hoya kerrii – otherwise known as the Sweetheart Plant, Lucky Heart, and Hoya Hearts are popular in February due to their heart-shaped, succulent-like foliage. Valentine’s Day has proven to boost the popularity of Hoya kerrii as it is often given as a gift as a token of love.

Often found in their single-leaf form, they do not grow much bigger than the single leaf (unless of course you are lucky and find a single leaf Hoya kerrii with a node – allowing them to grow into a full-size plant.

The full-size plant will include multiple heart-shaped leaves, almost resembling a bush of flat green hearts. 

The Hoya kerriii also comes in a variegated white version – known as Hoya kerrii Splash. However, the all-green variety tends to be a quicker grower than the variegated variety. 

Origin and Indoor Environment

Hoya kerrii is native to SouthEast Asia, with its origin area including Southern China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Java (Indonesia). 

As epiphytes, Hoyas like to latch on to branches and trees in nature to support and hoist upward growth. As such, you can place a trellis in your Hoya kerrii’s pot to encourage upward growth (Note – you will be unable to do this with the single leaf Hoya kerrii). 

Lighting Needs

Like other Hoya, the Hoya kerriii prefers bright light and will typically do well in east and west facing windows, as well as a few feet back from a south-facing window. If you only have north-facing windows, you can also choose to purchase a grow light to supplement your Hoya kerrii’s lighting needs. 

Watering Frequency

We recommend waiting for the potting mix to dry completely in between waterings. Hoya kerriii tends to do well with a light watering hand. If you’re unsure when to water, you can always use a moisture meter or simply stick your finger in the first 2 inches of the potting mix to assess moisture.

Potting Mix, Soil, and Fertilization

Hoya kerrii appreciates a well-draining, chunky soil mix. Fertilizing your Hoya kerrii in the spring and summer months is also important for ensuring that your plant is getting all the nutrients it needs. Choose a complete fertilizer to ensure your Hoya kerriii’s continued growth. 

Hoya kerrii Blooms

Hoya kerrii blooms typically occur during the growing season (spring and summer months), with its peduncles producing small star-shaped flowers that are sweet-smelling. Do not deadhead the flowers when your Hoya finishes blooming. 


You cannot propagate a single Hoya kerrii leaf.

If you have a full Hoya kerrii plant, propagation is relatively simple. Take a cutting with at least 2 nodes and remove the leaves from the bottom node. Place the cutting in water – making sure to replenish the water weekly. Once the roots have grown at minimum, an inch, you can transfer the plant into soil.

Pests and Disease

Hoyas can be the targets of the usual houseplant pest culprits: aphids, mealybugs, scale, and spider mites have been known to take a liking to Hoyas.

To reduce the risk of an infestation from occurring we suggest regularly cleaning the leaves of your Hoya kerrii as well as using a deterring agent such as neem oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you care for a Hoya kerrii?

Hoya kerriii prefers bright light, well-draining potting mix, and a light watering hand (allowing the potting mix to dry out completely in between waterings).

You can also choose to trellis your Hoya kerrii to encourage upward growth. 

How fast do Hoya kerrii grow?

The full plant version of the Hoya kerrii can be a fast grower in the right growing conditions. They require bright, direct light, infrequent waterings, chunky potting mix, and regular fertilization in the growing season to encourage growth. 

If you have a single Hoya kerrii leaf, it won’t grow much bigger than when you purchased it. 

Why is my Hoya kerrii yellow?

Hoya kerrii can turn yellow due to several causes. Start by assessing your plant’s growing conditions. Overwatering, too little light, and poor drainage are all common culprits of yellow leaves in Hoyas. 

To troubleshoot yellow leaves in Hoya, check out our Yellow Hoya Leaves article. 

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