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East Asia, Australia 
LightBright light
Watering FrequencyAllow soil to dry completely between waterings


Hoya compacta albomarginata is the variegated version of the Hoya compacta. Other names include Porcelain Flower, Krinkle Kurl, and Wax plant. 

Well known for its succulent-like curly foliage that winds and twists resembling a thick rope. The difference between the Hoya compacta albomarginata is its colouring as it sports white, pink, and green leaves in comparison to the classic Hoya compacta. 

This unique plant can be difficult to find but can be quite rewarding to grow indoors. Ensuring your Hoya has the correct growing conditions will set your houseplant up for success. To learn more about how to care for the Hoya compacta albomarginata, read below.

Origin and Indoor Environment

The Hoya compacta is part of the Hoya genus and is native to East Asia and Australia. In its natural habitat – the Hoya compacta grows epiphytically, using tree branches and trunks to support it as it grows upward.

The Hoya compacta is a slow-growing plant. Patience and ensuring the correct growing environment are essential to ensure its continued growth. 

Like other Hoyas, the Hoya compacta appreciates bright light, infrequent watering, humidity, and a well-draining potting mix. 

Lighting Requirements

The Hoya compacta albomarginata will grow well in bright indirect light. Lighting conditions will significantly impact the likelihood of your Hoya blooming. Good lighting (bright indirect light) is essential for producing flowers when it comes to the Hoya compacta. 

Place your Hoya in front of an east or west-facing window. A few feet back from a south-facing window could also work. Make sure that your Hoya does not receive prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as it could sunburn and have its foliage become damaged. 

If you only have north-facing windows or are concerned about your Hoya compacta marginata’s lighting conditions – you can also opt for a grow light to ensure your Hoya compacta receives the lighting it requires. 

Watering Frequency

Like other Hoya varieties, the Hoya compacta albomarginata appreciates a light watering hand. Allow the potting mix to dry out between waterings. Too much watering can lead to yellow leaves and root rot (an early death sentence).

To check the moisture of the potting mix, you can always stick your finger in the first 2 inches of soil. If the soil is dry, then you can consider watering. You can also use a moisture meter that can indicate how dry the potting soil is.

Finally, ensure that the pot that your Hoya compacta are in has a drainage hole. Poor drainage will also lead to root rot. You’ll need to ensure that any excess water can escape.

Repotting, Potting Mix, and Fertilization Tips

The Hoya compact is a slow grower that prefers to be a bit root-bound. Do not be too keen on repotting your Hoya compacta unless you can see its roots peeking out of the drainage hole. If it is time to repot, place your Hoya in a pot that is 1 inch bigger than the pot it was previously growing in. Use a well-draining, chunky, potting mix to ensure water can easily travel and escape through the drainage hole. 

If you recently purchased your Hoya, it might be worth noting that its existing potting mix will likely have the nutrients it needs to get it through the next few months. However, if it’s been some time since you purchased your Hoya compact albomarginata then you might want to consider adding fertilizer to your plant’s care routine. 

Fertilize your Hoya compacta during the growing season (spring to summer). You can opt for a complete fertilizer. Follow the instructions carefully as too much fertilizer can also lead to yellowing of the leaves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do Hoya compacta grow?

Like other varieties in the Hoya genus, Hoya compacta is a slow grower compared to other houseplants. It can take up to 3 years for a Hoya compacta to bloom in the right growing conditions. 

Why is my Hoya compacta wrinkled?

Hoya compacta are prolific for its “wrinkled” or “curly” tightly packed foliage. 

Should you mist Hoya?

We don’t recommend misting your Hoya to raise humidity. Misting does very little in the long run to raise humidity for your Hoya compacta. 

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