Hoya Carnosa Jade Care


OriginEastern Asia, Australia
LightBright light
Watering FrequencyAllow soil to dry completely between waterings

Hoya carnosa jade is the all green variety of Hoya carnosa. Also known as porcelain flower, wax plants, wax vines, and wax flowers, Hoya carnosa is part of the Hoya genus – a family of 200-300 evergreen perennials native to the continents of Asia and Australia. They are well known for their succulent-like leaves that meet at opposite sides along the stem.

Hoya Carnosa Jade Care

When kept as houseplants, Hoya carnosa jade does well with infrequent waterings (only watering when the potting mix dries through), bright light, and chunky, well-draining potting mix. 

Supporting Growth with Trellis

Hoya carnosa jade will also enjoy a trellis to support its upward growth as they are epiphytes (using trees and branches to grow upward) in their natural environments.

Lighting Needs

Unlike the variegated versions of the Hoya carnosa, the Hoya carnosa jade is completely green – meaning it won’t require as much bright light. With that being said, all Hoya enjoy bright light and as such, they will tend to do well in East, West, and even (a few feet away from) a South facing window. 

If you’re concerned about low light for your Hoya if you only have North facing windows, or live in a place without windows, you can always opt for a grow light to ensure your Hoya carnosa jade gets the lighting it requires.

Watering Frequency

It is often the case that issues like yellow leaves are caused by overwatering your Hoya carnosa jade. We recommend waiting for the potting mix to dry out completely in between waterings. If you are someone who has a heavy hand when it comes to watering, you can always use a tool like a moisture meter to help figure out whether or not the soil is dry enough to water. If you don’t have a moisture meter, you can always stick your finger in the first 2 inches of the potting mix. If the potting mix is dry, it’s time to water.

Potting Mix and Fertilization

Ensure your Hoya carnosa jade is off to a good start by using a well-draining, chunky potting mix. Also, check to make sure that the pot you’re using has a drainage hole so that excess water can easily escape. Excessive water that is unable to drain properly can lead to root rot. 

Oftentimes the potting mix your Hoya carnosa jade comes in is equipped with the correct nutrients and will last for months to come. If it’s time to re-pot, or it’s been some time since you changed the potting mix of your houseplant, opt for a complete fertilizer to ensure your Hoya receives the nutrients it needs – especially during the growing months of spring to early fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hoya carnosa jade?

Hoya carnosa jade is the all green and most common variety of Hoya carnosa. 

Is Hoya carnosa fast-growing?

To ensure the health and continued growth of your Hoya carnosa, start by making sure that your Hoya has the correct growing conditions for it to thrive in. Hoyas prefer bright light, infrequent waterings, humidity, and a well-draining potting mix. 

Is the Hoya carnosa toxic?

The Hoya carnosa is not toxic to dogs, cats, and humans.

Is Hoya carnosa easy to care for?

The Hoya carnosa is easy to care for as they require infrequent watering. However, they do require bright light. Ensuring your Hoya carnosa has the correct growing conditions will lead to a more “easy” to care for plant. 

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