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TypeEpiphytes, Terrestrial
OriginAsia, Australia

Hoya is a genus representing 200-300 evergreen perennial plants native to Asia and Australia. Part of the larger family of Apocynaceae, Hoya are also referred to as Wax Plant, Wax Vine, and Wax Flower.

In their natural environments, Hoya grow as epiphytes on trees and climb by twining. Their leaves are succulent like and come in a range of textures including smooth, felted, and hairy.

Hoya are grown indoors and are well-loved for their beautiful and sweet-smelling blooms – each different depending on the species being grown.

As houseplants, Hoyas are relatively easy to care for. They tend to thrive in “bright, indirect light”, humidity, and prefer more infrequent watering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scientific name of Hoya?

Hoya is the scientific name for this plant genus.

What family does Hoya belong to?

Hoya belongs to the Apocynaceae family.

Is Hoya a plant species?

Hoya is not a plant species, but rather a genus representing 200-300 species of plants.

Which Hoyas bloom the most?

The frequency of blooms will depend on the environment of the Hoya variety. Ensure your Hoya is receiving the right growing conditions to increase the likelihood of blooms to occur.

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